First sleepover in the camper: dreams come true!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

A first night is always a bit weird. You like it, and you're alert. I remember that feeling from sleepovers when I was a child. Except that I am the adult now, and that I'm supposed to know what I'm doing ...


We happily concluded that the camper was quite clean when we picked it up. Even though, I wanted to clean it myself. I didn't have the foggiest idea how long ago the camper had been cleaned, and while cleaning it I came to know the whole camper. And it was just a lot of fun! I cleaned the inside with natural liquid soap, and that was enough to let the camper smell fresh and get the few staints I found away. Thanks to the cleaning I found 20 Eurocents underneath the mattress ;) ánd an alcove security net! The latter is a security net so you can't fall out of the alcove. The seller said there was no security net, but apparently there was one, and it felt as an unexpected present!

After cleaning, we packed just enough to survive one night in the camper:

- mattress protectors, fitted sheets, pillows and blankets for everyone

- showerstuff, toothbrushes, toothpaste

- a few groceries

- clothes

- towels

- cutlery and crockery

- and something to do like a book

The first evening

On our very first evening we welcomed some visitors. My parents-in-law came for my husband's birthday the other day. He got some nice presents for the camper, we ate pie (very Dutch, we eat pie for everything we celebrate) and had a good time together. While they were still visiting us, we tucked Hadewych in in the alcove. She kept peeking behind the curtains, through the security net, which was cute and no problem at all. It's also exciting for her, this first night.

By the time my parents-in-law went home, we retired as well. Hadewych started crying, what she luckily normally never does when she's going to sleep. We read an extra book to her, but I couldn't change the fact that she had to sleep ultimately. After a while she found out she had two little lamps in the alcove. The light was reassuring her, and she dropped of rapidly. I should have thougt about switching on the light, better next time.

The first night

I felt só excited when I wore my pajamas, ready to go to bed. I never thought we would start an adventure like this! The moment I stepped in bed, our dream felt so real. It's not a far-away daydream anymore, we're living it. I am so grateful that my husband has had the same dream and that we had the change to jump at it.

In the middle of the night we heard three thumps. My heart beated só fast, I really scared myself the heebie-jeebies. The noise sounded as banging on the door. My brave husband opened the door, but he saw no one. 'Hello? Hello?' Later, much later, we would found out that the heating system sometimes makes a noise like three thumps on the door!

Three hours later Hadewych woke up and she couldn't fall asleep again; so disappointed it wasn't daytime yet. But after I lied next to her in her bed for a while, she slept further and I crept next to my husband for the third time that night.

The first day

We all woke up again around seven o'clock in the morning. It was awesome to open the curtains and see nothing but nature. I showered in the camper, which was great: no leaking systems, almost immediately hot water and thanks to a moveable screen the rest of the bathroom stayed dry. This camper really is everything we need.

This first day we drove around, stopped at a nice place in Lelystad and we visited Aviodrome, an aeroplane museum. In the morning we stopped next to a park in Lelystad for almost two hours: I went for a walk, a read a book and I slept in my bed. So much freedom, and everything at hand. After spending our first night and day in the camper, I am completely relieved that everything works indeed and completely convinced that this was the best decision ever.

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